¼ of American’s Want To Secede

The biggest news this week has revolved around the secession of Scots from the United Kingdom. Many expected it to be a very tough race among the separatists and the unionists. True to that, when results were announced on Friday morning, the unionists had it. They won by 53% against the separatists who garnered 48% of the total votes cast.

As that was going on, media giant, Reuters and Ipso were carrying out a study a continent away in the United States. Their research concerned itself with the same issue of secession. They wanted to find out whether Americans were open to the idea of secession.

The result was startling. 1 in every 4 Americans stated that they would support separation from Washington. 53% of the 8300 respondents interviewed were not open to that idea. They stated that they were ‘better together’. The idea of separation is not limited to democrats or republicans.

However, republicans from the Western states are more open to this idea than republicans from the Northern states. Of those who supported separation, 29% of them were Republicans while 23% were Democrats.

Some of the main issues separatists raise cut across all sectors of the economy such as healthcare, terrorism (ISIS), gun control and all the other sectors of the economy. They are not satisfied with the way Obama is handling key decisions.

Others explained that their states would do pretty well as independent countries rather than keeping their hopes on Washington. Many noted that Washington gridlock was making the states lag behind in development.

No American state has tried to separate in the last 150 years.

Supporters of the United States union noted that America was better off united rather than separated.  They note that America has a ‘bigger’ voice in international affairs if it was ‘together’. They also argue that if there was no unity, United States would not be the super power it is today.

Obama’s ratings have been dwindling especially with the passing of the Obamacare health program, the increased terror threat, the increased tax burden and the rise in the cost of living.

This idea was least supported in the New England area which was the cradle of the revolutionary war and supported in the Southwest area. In the former, 17.4% agreed to secession while in the latter, 34% of the respondents backed the idea.

In Texas, an activist group has called on the State assembly to start a secession plan. Texans claim that they have everything needed to foster development such as Oil and manufacturing.

Even in Texas, many agree that they are better together in the union but the current state of affairs at Washington are not doing well for them.

Away in the United Kingdom, separatists accepted defeat and stated their approval of the verdict of the majority.

Many believe that the input of Gordon Brown, was very important to the victory by the unionists. Gordon Brown is very respected in Scotland where he was born. Sharing of resources in a country such as Scotland would have been a major challenge to the government.