@ Measure- 296 Brunswick ave. Toronto ON



Jessica Gorlicky

@ 7:00pm (12/26/13) 60min


Aaron Steiner

@ 12:00pm (12/27/13) 9min

'Beneath The Cloth' 
John Martin  
@ 12:00pm (12/28/13) 20min

In the competitive world of art, artists so often fail to realize a career from their talent. '100' explores the relationship between artist Jessica Gorlicky and the changing commercialized industry of art and entertainment in North America

A young woman searches for an answer to her prayers but finds the windows of Heaven are closed.

During the 'American' Civil War, two enemies reveal unexpected stories to one another.

'The Liberation Of James Joyce'

Ryan Alexander

@ 12:20pm (12/27/13) 87min  

'Bitter Art' 

Michael Hatch

@ 12:30pm (12/28/13) 86min

'Overlooked Supspect'
David Nerman 
@ 9:00pm (12/26/13) 61min

On his way to Seattle, to start his life over, David crosses paths with several people from his past. Along with befriending a couple of prostitutes along the way.

A rural comedy following the journey of one man's occasionally volatile relationship with his friends as he embarks on a frantic attempt to win an upcoming festival, whilst simultaneously engaging in misguided sabotage against the towns self-confessed prodigal son.

What if OJ Simpson didn't do it? A 15 year investigation by one of America’s leading and acclaimed private investigators William C. Dear, along with a team of internationally recognized scientific and medical experts in their fields. 

'River of Emotions in Heart' /Gundello Godari
Nagendra Kumar  
@ 10:00pm (12/26/13) 123min


Roy Eventov

@ 2:00pm (12/27/13) 19min

'Tomer The Wrestler' 

Sari Colt

@ 2:00pm (12/28/13) 11min

Tomer Sidi dreams of becoming the first Israeli world renouned WWE Wrestler.

A newlywed couple is forced to overcome their love as they battle it out against a devastating flood. 

Phyllis is lonely and broken hearted, on her way she tries to kill herself but at her house she finds a sub-letter who has yet to leave.


'The Precipice'

Michael Hatch

@ 2:30pm (12/27/13) 86min 

'I Am Not Invisible'  

Erin Corrado

@ 2:15pm (12/28/13) 69min


In a pre-apocalyptic world 2 soldiers, a woman and a man, traverse enemy territory to reach the only location that holds the key to saving them...and the country.

Nicole Flynn is a champion level synchronized swimmer, a writer, photographer, theatre performer, artist, and advocate. Yet struggles with the fact that people tend to focus on the fact that she has Down Syndrome.


'The Boy, The Man, The Stranger'

PJ O'Brien

@ 4:00pm (12/27/13) 14min


Zohar Romm

@ 4:00pm (12/28/13) 18min



A young man recalls memories of his deceased father.

Four 'Jewish' American friends set out on an adventure to Montreal.


'Pied Piper'

Vivek Budakoti

@ 4:20pm (12/27/13) 113min

'Diary From The Burned Ghetto' 

Evgeny Tsymbal

@ 4:20pm (12/28/13) 52min



Pied Piper is a satirical folklore of a simple laundryman, Chunnilal, who is rumored to have acquired his beloved donkey's brain in a freak accident.

Most of the Kovno ghetto Jewish population was murdered by the Nazis. Among the survivors was a Jewish girl, Tamara Lazerson; like Anne Frank, wrote a diary as she hid from the Nazis.


'The Book Of Dead'

Alain Escalle

@ 7:00pm (12/27/13) 32min

'The Game' 

Larelle Bossi

@ 7:00pm (12/28/13) 11min

In a city from Eastern Europe, Micha is struggling to battle his demons, undertakes a last trip guided by ghosts trapped in a book.

Two men, with a 50 year history, expose their ideas, beliefs, fear and at last the intimacy they share as friends all while playing the game of chess. 

'It's All About Me' 

Antoine Abugaber

@ 7:45pm (12/27/13) 99min

'The Basement' 

Martin-Andre Young

@ 7:20pm (12/28/13) 85min

Five teenagers barricade themselves in the basement of their remote rural house after one of them is viciously attacked by a mysterious intruder.

Examines the inflated sense of entitlement among youth, it's consequences and the solutions for a better future. Generations X, Y and Z

'The Hero Pose' 

Mischa Jakupack

@ 10:00pm (12/27/13) 12min

'Mr. I Love You' 

Steven Cerritos

@ 10:00pm (12/28/13) 25min 

Joe and Mia, father and daughter, and those precious moments when two people are able to pause and connect.

A young man, tortured by an unfulfilled need for love. A young girl, adrift and uncertain after her trust has been betrayed. Together, they find a shared destiny.

'Unhappy Happy' 

Rob Shaw

@ 10:20pm (12/27/13) 89min

'The Wingman' 

Jim Garrison

@ 10:30pm (12/28/13) 89min 

An unhappy, corporate-team builder tries to invent a device to bring happiness to his terminally-ill brother with the help of a brilliant-but-damaged woman. Unhappy Happy asks the question: What is the nature of true happiness?

A professional womanizer coerces a heartbroken relationship counselor into helping him seduce women only to discover that having him as a best friend is more important than using him to help satisfy his insatiable sex drive.